windows media player error code 80040265

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by mchariff, May 17, 2004.

  1. mchariff

    mchariff Guest

    Got a weird problem . I'm running Win XP, ATI 9500 graphics card. Up until
    this morning, I was able to play AVI's (virtually all codecs) on my machine.
    Now I get "windows media player error code 80040265" when trying to play any
    AVI using windows media player, as well as with any other video software
    program that I have, power dvd,vlc, BSPlayer and a few others. MPEG 1 & 2 no
    problem. I have all the MS and DIVX codecs installed. As a matter of fact, I
    can open AVI's in virtualdub and see the output, so I guess it's not a codec
    problem. The only change today is that I downloaded Norton Antivirus updates
    this morning and the AVI problem showed up soon afterwards. I did a system
    to May 15, and still no go ! I am absoulutely baffled and would appreciate
    some help. Do I need a registry fix, dump the Norton, or what?


    Mark Chariff
    mchariff, May 17, 2004
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  2. mchariff

    Will Dormann Guest

    Sounds like a faulty DirectShow filter somewhere in the chain.
    (VirtualDub uses VfW instead, so it will be unaffected) Open an AVI in
    GSpot to see if it can render it.

    The RadLight Filter Manager can help you disable or change priorities of
    DirectShow filters, and should be able to help in your situation. It
    will probably take a bit of trial and error to find the offending
    filter. Back up your system before you begin.

    Will Dormann, May 17, 2004
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  3. mchariff

    mchariff Guest

    Thanks for the quick and hopefully helpful reply. I'm not that quick, so
    please bear with me. I downloaded the Radlight filter Mgr. but I'm not clear
    on which DirectShow filters I should change. How do I do this ? Also, (maybe
    a stupid question) if I reinstalled Win XP would this solve my problem ?
    Thanks again,

    mchariff, May 17, 2004
  4. mchariff

    Will Dormann Guest

    You could first try re-installing the Windows Media Player. Or check this:

    If that doesn't do it, you're going to need your crystal ball...
    Gather a little information and see what you can come up with.
    Does *every* AVI fail to play? Or just certain ones? If certain ones,
    which codec? Can GSPot render the file? If so, what is the filter
    chain for both audio and video?

    Although not as powerful as the Radlight filter manager, DXMan is pretty
    easy to use:

    Any filter which has a "No" in the Exist column can very likely be
    removed. That means that there's information in the registry about a
    particular filter, but the actual file to handle it is missing. That
    can cause trouble.

    If still nothing works, check for filters that look suspicious. For
    example, ones you know you don't need or have already uninstalled at
    some point. Remove those. (Or lower the priority of it in the
    Radlight manager if you aren't sure)

    I had a similar problem to yours, but somewhat reversed. AVI files
    would work fine, but MPGE2 would fail with some C++ error. (Forget
    which one offhand) What I did to resolve the problem was to restore my
    system to a previous (working) state using Acronis TrueImage. I opened
    an MPEG2 file in GSPot and rendered it, marking down the video and audio
    path. I then clicked the "more details" button to get the exact chain
    of DirectShow filters used, clicking the link for each one to get the
    file name and GUID for each filter. Then I restored back to my broken
    state, and using the Radlight Filter manager I was able to get my
    DirectShow filter chain back to how I wanted it. (By disabling or
    lowering the priority of certain filters, and re-registering the ones I
    wanted, checking the GSpot Render output with each step along the way)

    Will Dormann, May 17, 2004
  5. mchariff

    mchariff Guest

    mchariff, May 17, 2004
  6. mchariff

    mchariff Guest

    If anyone's interested, the short and sweet solution to my "windows media
    player error code 80040265" problem was to download and install, believe it
    or not, kazaalite codec pack. Everything runs sweet again. Thanks for your

    Mark Chariff
    mchariff, May 20, 2004
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