winnov PCI capture card - poor results

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by net, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. net

    net Guest

    maybe someone with experience of Winnov Videum 1000 AV cards can help me...
    I have a PC based on a an AMD 1.2G cpu with 1Gb ram on a Biostar motherboard
    with Via chips, and windows xp sp2. During capture this card is dropping
    frames like crazy, I'm capturing PAL video using the composite port. I've
    found the only way to get a decent recording is to capture at 160x120 (tiny
    window) at 15 frames per second. This is well below the performance I was
    hoping for. I'm using driver v2.11.3617.1, date 05/05/2002 which I
    understand is the latest.
    It occurrs to me that my PC might be to blame. Past experience has taught me
    that some things just do not like AMD processors, and other things do not
    get on with Via chipsets but I don't know if this is really the problem.
    Maybe there's some patch or whatever that might improve the performance of
    this card? Thanks for any pointers.
    net, Jun 17, 2007
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  2. net

    Paul Guest

    You can see some reference to the subject here. But I thought that
    VIA had done something about this as well (maybe changes to the
    VIA 4-in-1 drivers? BIOS change by mobo maker? not really sure).
    In other words, don't grab this just because it is there. Check the
    history of the VIA response to this technical issue, to see if it
    has already been solved.

    The fastest way to get a handle on the problem, is plug the card into a
    more adequate computer. If the problem disappears, you've got proof that
    the machine has something to do with it.

    The Videum product description, claims their design was specifically intended
    to help problems caused by placing a lot of capture devices on the same bus.
    But if the total practical bandwidth on the bus is limited, the product
    is eventually going to have to toss some frames or otherwise relieve itself.

    Another example here, of old info available: Tips and Tricks.htm

    "VIA PCI Latency Patch

    * VIA Chipsets have a known issue with PCI Latency. Although, specifically
    developed for IDE and sound problems with VIA chipsets, users have reported
    improved performance in other areas including USB and video capture. If
    USB is otherwise working correctly but, not as fast as you would expect, try
    the patch from VIA Hardware
    o Download PCI Latency Patch"

    The file from that web page, is stored here. But this one won't unzip properly.

    A couple of hints at the bottom of this page:

    "VIA 4-in-1 driver update will often fix compatibility problems with the WinTV."

    And more fun and games tuning a VIA chipset here. The author of the last post
    doesn't say whether he is using something like WPCREDIT/WPCRSET or something similar.

    Instructions on WPCREDIT here:

    KX133 PCR is here. Still cannot seem to find WPCRSET. (I presume
    the PCR is only valid for one chipset type, so you might eventually
    want to check what chipset is actually used on your board :) )

    WPCRSET is at the bottom of this page. Support was stopped by H-ODA
    some time after this. I don't know which OSes this would work with.

    So your choices are to wade around in some techie nonsense,
    or try another machine with a better PCI bus :)

    Paul, Jun 17, 2007
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  3. net

    V Green Guest

    I have used various Winnov cards for years with great results.
    I'm doing [email protected] almost every day (we do pipeline
    video inspections and this is how I archive them).

    Things to check:

    Make sure your HD is running DMA5 (or the highest it will run).

    Use the card's built-in hardware compression - it works GREAT
    and drastically reduces the rate of data transfer. There is no reason
    whatever to capture uncompressed, despite what others will tell you.

    Because the Winnov card is a VfW device, you will have the
    "2GB limit" issue. Therefore, I use Markus' AVI_IO to capture.
    Try the trial version and see if things improve.

    Let us know how it goes.
    V Green, Jun 17, 2007
  4. net

    net Guest

    alas it seems this old computer of mine just can't do it anymore. I made a
    mistake about the card, it's not a 1000, it's a Win-97 which makes it a
    discontinued left-over from the NT4 days. Not good news.
    Nevertheless I tried the card in a different more powerful PC, a P4 3G with
    2G ram on an Abit motherboard full on intel chipsets and the difference was
    huge. On this faster PC I was able to capture at 640x480/25fps with no
    trouble. Nice clean audio and good lip sync, even tho I was using a
    different audio input source. I suspected the former PC I tried was past it
    and I think I was right - the playback audio on it was 'bubbly' and the lip
    sync was out at res's above 320x240. What puzzled me was - even on the
    faster PC the capture program showed a very high frame-drop-rate during
    capture, and yet the playback was as smooth as anything. Strange.
    net, Jun 18, 2007
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