Winter in Paradise

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Beach Whistler, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Yep... Winter in Paradise is certainly hard to take.
    26 degrees in the water, 28 out of it! Man, am I glad Summer is finally

    Oh, yeah...
    From Douglas!
    Beach Whistler, Apr 2, 2007
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  2. * * * * * *
    * *

    "Whaling is no longer carried out in Australia and actively
    discouraged by so called "Whaling nations". "

    I would hope whaling would not only be discouraged but banned as
    helensilverburg, Apr 2, 2007
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  3. (I think we are up to about identity 65..)

    "Taken while standing under the old flencing* deck of the original
    Tangalooma whaling station."
    They probably misspell it on the tourist literature, so you are
    excused - but the correct spelling is "flensing". (I used to work at
    a marine science centre near a former whaling town..)

    "This was the scene (slightly modified) used as the back drop for some
    Sunset wedding portraits using a 24 - 70 lens."
    Fascinating. How that scene could transmogrify into a Sunset (must we
    use capitals?) scene has me intrigued. Me? I would have shot it
    at... Sunset! Fancy that!

    "This scene from a camera RAW file was first developed with Adobe
    LightRoom (to recover the highlight clouds)"
    Hmm. Those clouds still look rather burnt... But they are hardly
    important, so who cares, right? But the large glary area to the right
    of middle is very distracting - it doesn't match the intensity of the
    other cloud formations and looks very out of place.

    "and then processed further in Photoshop to expand the dynamic range"
    Too much, imo. You alluded to it yourself, HDR is EASY to overuse.
    The scene looks vaguely unreal.

    "and correct perspective distortion. Approximately 18% of the scene
    was lost during this distortion correction."
    EIGHTEEN PERCENT?? How bad is that lens??? Looks to me like you were
    shooting not that far above horizontal, and not at a hugely wide
    angle, so what little perspective distortion you would have had (on
    any reasonable lens) should have been very easy to correct. Somewhere
    in the process you seem to have introduced a weird bowing of the
    horizon, which is noticably lowest just to the right of the third
    palm.. Hint - everybody will probably accept bent palm trees, but
    bent horizons are not a good thing..

    "I am in two minds about DR expansion although it does produce detail
    in a range > not normally possible."
    Clearly you are right to have this attitude - a fine demonstration,
    from which we will all learn to do it better. (O;
    mark.thomas.7, Apr 2, 2007
  4. A small correction...
    "a weird bowing of the horizon, which is noticably lowest just to the
    right of the third
    should read:
    "a weird bowing of the horizon, which is noticably lowest just to the
    right of the FOURTH palm (from the left).."

    I shouldn't try to count while using a mental image of the scene..
    mark.thomas.7, Apr 2, 2007
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