WinTV USB - problem via USB 2 input

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Leatrice, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Leatrice

    Leatrice Guest

    My WinTV USB Pro (USB 1.1) plays fine through my USB 1.1 inputs in my laptop
    (Windows 98SE). However, all I get via the USB 2 inputs on my PCMCIA
    combo card is the WinTV program opening but no picture or sound, even though
    the sound cable goes from the WinTV box direct to the mic input.

    (I tried retuning it when connected via USB 2 as a last resort, but,
    obviously, that didn't help.)

    I dual boot (both 98SE) and it's the same on both systems even though one
    has the lastest WinTV program and driver and the other has an earlier

    The combo card works perfectly - my other peripherals work through it
    including a dvd burner, which gives much higher write speeds via the USB2
    input than the laptop's USB1 input.

    Obviously, this is a trivial thing;; nevertheless, the WinTV technical help
    said it should work through the USB2 input. They did suggest an IRQ
    conflict, but it seems that the all the USB inputs share the same IRQ (10)
    and it works perfectly via the USB 1 connection. And I'm not sure that
    would explain the lack of both vision and sound.

    Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated.

    Leatrice, Apr 19, 2005
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  2. Ok, how about a shot in the dark?

    Set up a hardware profile in which the USB 2 drivers are disabled and
    see if booting to that profile helps.

    I no longer have any Win 98 systems to look at, but in XP Home's device
    manager, the USB 2 seems to be a single driver, and USB 1 seems to have
    drivers for each controller on my computer. You might have to

    HTH (but doubtful),
    Gene E. Bloch, Apr 19, 2005
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