Wishlist for a 10D successor?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Lionel, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. Lionel

    Lionel Guest

    What would you like to see on a hypothetical 10E? (ie; a later model at
    around the same price.)

    Here's my list:
    * Spot metering.
    * Programmable mode dial, so you could replace those irritating dummy
    modes with something that /you/ find useful.
    * Replacable focus screen. (I *like* having manual focus available, &
    going without it is a bit like losing a thumb.)
    * Firewire. Who the hell has the time to wait for 512MB of data to
    trickle down a USB connection?
    * A standard eyepiece that doesn't force you to grease up the LCD with
    skin oils from your nose & cheek.
    * A single button 'focus-check' zoom function for the preview screen,
    because even 10x zoom is barely adequate to check focus, & takes too
    many keystrokes anyway.
    * More pixels would be nice, but I care more about the previous items.
    Lionel, Aug 21, 2003
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  2. Lionel

    Chris Brown Guest

    Definitely - the lack of such is a pain in the backside when one can't find
    something in the scene that is both suitable for metering from, and is large
    enough to fill the partial meter circle. Are you listening, Canon? WE WANT
    Or just take them off altogether. Mine is nealrly always in Av or M modes
    ....and a focus screen with a microprism in it available as an option.
    I already use firewire to download from my 10D, via a card reader. :p
    Not found this to be an issue
    That might be useful.
    Not overly bothered about the pixel count. I was getting wonderful results
    from my old D30 - the 10D gives me pixels to spare, which is nice
    (especially when it comes to cropping).

    One thing that would be nice is eye-control on the autofocus. WIthout it,
    the extra 6 focus points just seem to get in the way (I disabled them on
    Chris Brown, Aug 21, 2003
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  3. Good list. I'll add

    * Lower Price, same quality

    and I'd like 8Mpixel, thank you. ;-)

    Godfrey DiGiorgi, Aug 21, 2003
  4. Lionel

    Aardvark Guest

    * More pixels would be nice, but I care more about the previous items.

    A full frame sensor would be nice. Or at least something with a smaller than
    1.6 multiplier.
    Aardvark, Aug 21, 2003
  5. Lionel

    Ken Alverson Guest

    Don't hold your breath. The 10D is an Elan series camera. None of the Elan
    (or Rebel) series cameras have spot meters. You have to buy a EOS 3 series or
    an EOS 1 series if you really want spot metering.
    Again, that's a 3 or 1 series feature. Canon provides the feature, it's just
    on the step up from what you're using.

    Ken Alverson, Aug 21, 2003
  6. Lionel

    JPS Guest

    In message <>,
    Not available in the F828. You can't get the same quality from tiny
    sensor pixels.
    Available in the F828.
    JPS, Aug 22, 2003
  7. Hopefully the twits at Canon will come out with a 3D that acts like an EOS
    3, so at least the well-heeled amongst us will have our spot metering.
    Everyone else can look at the Pentax *istD and Nikon D100.
    Yes, it is that big a deal. A tight spot meter gives you a real reading of
    what the exposure of an area in the image is actually going to be on the
    sensor. There's no averaging with anything extraneous. For example, it's
    great for portraits in crazed lighting situations (concerts, theater,
    events): just spot meter the face (with appropriate compensation for the
    subject) and let everything else falls where it does; you can't be fooled by
    backlighting, light sources in the image. Perfect exposure as fast as you
    can aim and AF. Other than spot and incident metering, everything else is
    just guessing. Of course, even guessing is good for reasonable exposure 95%
    of the time. But not having a spot meter, when every even half-way decent
    consumer digital does, is seriously irritating.

    David J. Littleboy
    Tokyo, Japan
    David J. Littleboy, Aug 22, 2003
  8. Lionel

    Chris Brown Guest

    That's what I do, but in the situations where you end up with a wide-range
    of light intensity within the partial circle, it involves a measure of
    guesswork which a spot-meter wouldn't require.

    My camera is permenently left in partial-metering mode, BTW.
    That's the problem there. "Again" is alright for portraits and landscape
    photos, but for many photos, such as the one linked below, it is simply out
    of the question.

    For me, it's the 10D's biggest shortcoming.
    Chris Brown, Aug 22, 2003
  9. Lionel

    Chris Brown Guest

    That's basically what I do, but it's not always possible, and so you have to
    use your best judgement as to the amount of light and dark in the partial
    meter area. A good example of where I did this recently was when takign a
    photo of the Moon with a 300mm USM IS-L plus 1.4x teleconverter. Even with
    the 420mm focal length, and the 10D's smaller frame size, the Moon didn't
    fill the meter circle, and I had to guess. Turns out my first exposure was
    about a stop out, and I rexexposed to avoid the blown highlights. Now the
    Moon isn't going anywhere in a hurry, but not all subjects are helpful
    enough to stay still whilst being photographed, and there's a certain
    satisfaction to getting it right first time - handy habit to get into should
    one find oneself shooting film. :)
    That's pretty much what I do, but in reverse - still have focus assigned to
    the shutter button, so I expose, use AE-lock, focus, compose and shoot. Keep
    meaning to wean myself onto using the * button for focus.
    Indeed - that works nicely, but I have this bad habit of only carrying
    primes around. :) My camera bag is just the right size to take my 10D, 50mm
    f/1.4 USM, 100mm f/2.8 macro and Sigma 14mm f/2.8, as well as my flash in
    the front pocket, so that's normally what I walk around with. I do have a
    couple of zooms - the ubiqutous 28-135 IS (it *is* compulsory to own this
    lens with a Canon DSLR, right? ;-)) and the 100-300 USM, but I don't tend to
    use them a whole lot.

    I don't really know - I don't use evaluative metering because I never know
    what it's trying to expose for, hence my preference for partial. With
    (print) film this wouldn't be so much of an issue, but Canon's CMOS sensor
    is much less tolerant of poor exposure.
    It sounds like our metering techniques are pretty similar, and the majority
    of the time, partial metering does the job nicely. It's just that
    occasionally I find myself exposing a shot that would have been much easier
    with a spot meter, and TBH, I'd be quite happy to pay more for a 10D-like
    that had one.
    Some nice shots there.
    Chris Brown, Aug 22, 2003
  10. Lionel

    JK Guest

    Who will want a 1DS in two years, when we might have 24 megapixel
    digital cameras with full sized sensors for around $1000? It will be
    interesting when lower end digital slrs get under $500. Will that be
    within two years?
    JK, Aug 23, 2003
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