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    It is That time of Year Again!!

    CoDevelopment Canada's World Community Film Festival

    February 6th and 7th, 2004

    The World Community Film Festival is coming!! This exciting event will be
    running February 6th and 7th at SFU Harbour Center. Over 35 electrifying
    documentaries will be screened, showcasing the seldom-heard voices of
    communities and individuals working for social change worldwide.

    Come out to an opening night viewing of AMANDLA! A Revolution in 4 Part
    Harmony, on February 6th at 7 pm. This moving and up-beat film explores the
    power of song to motivate, invigorate and create positive social change in
    South Africa. On day two choose from over 35 films in four rooms from noon
    to 8pm.

    Also featured will be a panel discussion on Media and Social Change, and
    community fair of organizations working on-the-ground in the countries

    Festival passes for both days are $25 regular or $18 for low-income.

    Friday night is $10 and $7 for low-income

    Saturday all day pass is $16 and $12 low-income.

    Tickets are available at the door or through:

    Black Dog Video 4351 Cambie

    Limelight Video 2505 Alma

    CoDevelopment Canada #101-2747 East Hastings

    Pulp Fiction Used Books 3303 Broadway & 2418 Main People's Coop Books 1391
    Commercial Drive

    SFPIRG, SFU Burnaby Campus, tc326, right above the bus stop

    The festival is brought to you by CoDevelopment Canada ( and
    the World Community Development Education Society (

    For the festival program, see

    For info on Volunteering or getting a table at the community bazaar, contact
    Chris Fraser, festival coordinator, at , (604) 737-1760.

    Please circulate widely!!

    Want to join our Volunteer Team??

    The World Community Film Festival is looking for volunteers! Please help us
    spread the word about this amazing event. We are looking for people to help
    promote the festival all over the city. If you have a specific neighborhood,
    organization or area where you could poster or drop off programs, or if you
    have any connections to local media that might want to cover the event,
    contact Chris at .

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    Substantial volunteer commitments will be thanked with free passes to the
    festival! We are also looking for help on the days of the event selling
    tickets and ushering rooms.

    You can also help by forwarding this email around.

    Thanks and we'll see you there!

    Does your organization need exposure?

    Want an affordable way to reach hundreds of activists in a university

    The World Community Film Festival Community Bazaar is a great way to connect
    to people far and wide. Held in the main concourse of SFU Harbour Centre,
    the Bazaar will be an exciting mélange of organizations linked to the themes
    of the film festival; environmental degradation, social justice, First
    Nations rights, as well as local film and video groups.

    Tables are $15. The event runs from noon to 8pm on February 7th, 2004.

    Please send your organization’s name, contact information, and mandate to
    for reservations. You will be contacted by phone or email
    to confirm.

    If you can circulate and post the poster, you can get the attachment from
    CoDev or from

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    "Freedom is always and exclusively
    freedom for the one who thinks differently"
    --Rosa Luxemburg
    Pepe, Jan 19, 2004
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