World's Oldest Darkroom

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by Lew, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Lew

    Lew Guest

    Lew, Jun 11, 2007
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  2. Lew

    Draco Guest

    Sure they have Lew. Look down a couple of threads. They even posted in

    It is amazing what can be found behind locked doors or false walls. I
    hope they preserve and make a exhibit for all to see. What an amazing
    find. Only thing I can think of that would be simular, is finding Van
    Gogh's studio as he left it. Just amazing.


    Getting even isn't good enough.

    Doing beter does.
    Draco, Jun 11, 2007
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  3. Lew

    Rob Morley Guest

    To find a dead link. :) Here's the original article it pointed to
    If you call a poor machine translation English. My French is pretty
    poor, but I'd rather read the original than that gobbledegook.
    I doubt the family would want loads of people cluttering up their quiet
    country house.
    Hardly: this was just a keen amateur from the early days - although I
    suppose the same could be said of the Wright bros.
    Rob Morley, Jun 11, 2007
  4. Funny nobody looked into the room when painting the outside windows.
    I would have thought an extra window would be noticed -- when I paint
    the windows of the house I am excruciatingly aware of the existence
    of each and every one.

    As children, my sisters and I went over every square inch of our
    parents' huge old 1900's house with a tapping hammer and tape measure.
    We did find a panel with a hidden catch that swung out of the way
    to reveal and empty dusty hiding space about the size of a large
    bread-box. But no hidden rooms, alas.
    It looks like it is being taken over by the NiƩpce museum.
    Nicholas O. Lindan, Jun 11, 2007
  5. Lew

    Lloyd Erlick Guest

    June 12, 2007, from Lloyd Erlick,

    That was for stashing the Hasselblad in its
    convenient case!

    Lloyd Erlick Portraits, Toronto.
    telephone: 416-686-0326
    Lloyd Erlick, Jun 12, 2007
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