Would You Dump Coolpix 5400 for Canon D60

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. I just got a Coolpix 5400, arrived yesterday. $390 with shipping got me the
    camera, all the box contents, and 2 EXTRA batteries. Not bad.

    I took these shots yesterday with it the 1st day it was here, lovely shots
    if I do say so myself:




    That said I do already have a Coolpix 5700 and I got this 5400 to compliment
    it mainly for (1) more portable uses and (2) the wife has really taken to
    using the 5700 a lot of times when we're both out, making it impossible for
    me to do any thing. So now I can use the 5400. And frankly--in situations
    where I don't have to zoom a lot--I actually prefer it in someways. I love
    its "My Menu" where I can make the most frequently accessed menu items
    (flash exposure compensation in this case) on top of the list, and I also
    like that it remembers noise reduction in the user settings, so I can set
    settings for normal use (with NR on, continuous mode on SINGLE) and settings
    for "burst" (NR off, continuous on HIGH). That way I can easily switch to
    BURST mode without having to hunt through the menus to where NR is to switch
    it off so I can engage continuous high.

    But I have been seeing Canon D60s for sale at around $650 body only. Add
    $70-100 for a Tamron or Sigma 28-70 zoom, sell the 5400 (if I can get $400
    for it back) and I'm only $350 away from having such a formidable set. I am
    a Nikonian at heart but sold my 35mm gear so either way I'd be starting

    Then again, the 5400 has so far given me some good shots so at some point
    it's like "be content with what you have, don't go overboard." Heck, 1 year
    ago, I drooled over having EITHER the 5400 OR the 5700. I've got both, and
    have done an 11x14 of a shot I took at a wedding with the 5700 and it looks
    wonderful. Should be happy.

    But man, a D-SLR. And one like the D60 which doesn't take an eternity at
    night-time with it not having to do the same noise reduction clean-up. The
    quick responsiveness. Good old-fashioned focusing through a real optical SLR
    "peephole." Much quicker autofocusing (yes, the D60 isn't the best but it
    still would be way better than an all-in-one). True TTL flash rather than
    the sensor-operated flash. My oh my. And I'd still have the 5700 for
    portable uses (although it's not as portable as the 5400, but if I had to
    choose one I'd surely choose the 5700) and for my wife to use; she would
    definitely not want to use a D-SLR if her tentativeness around the Nikon N80
    I once owned is any indication.

    I'm thinking I should do this. But then I'm also thinking--wait another 6
    months, maybe FINALLY the Nikon D100 will come down to the $700 range (or
    the D70 will) and you can save up for it, still enjoying a 5400 AND a 5700
    in the meantime. Here in Tucson, in March and October, they have a
    photography show like the gun shows, where tons of people get together to
    buy & trade equipment. Go for it in March, I say.

    But there are many selling D60 bodys for $650. Throw in $100 for a 28-70 and
    maybe $200 for a 75-300 (not the "L") and I'd be set.

    I guess only I can answer this question for myself. But what are your guys'
    (and girls') thoughts?

    (Maybe settle for a D30 in the meantine? That would be an even trade almost,
    about $200 less.)

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Oct 18, 2004
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