Wow, you really CAN'T buy film without a car or a credit card!

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Staring at negatives for fun, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I have exhausted all possible searches and come to the conclusion that
    if you do not have a car and do not have a credit card, there is no way
    for you to buy 35mm film short of walking down to the convienence store
    and paying $6.99 per roll, or waiting for a ride and stocking up at
    Dollar Tree. The latter method seems to work, but with rising gasoline
    prices I might not be able to go somewhere to buy rolls of film
    reasonably cheaply, as in my parents playing the "Gas prices are so
    high" card. All the sites on the internet that sell 35mm film online
    (as well as the ones that do digital prints) require you to have a
    credit card. I have Paypal, but have no hopes of ever being a confirmed
    address. That means I could occasionally catch an auction where they
    accept a Paypal e-check, but this is not reliable either. I wish there
    was a regular web store that would just take a Paypal e-check, wait a
    few days for it to clear, then ship me the film. This store should also
    have strange types of film like slide and T-max. I wouldn't mind paying
    $1.50 a roll for 'quality is no object' film and a reasonable
    non-fudged shipping charge.
    Staring at negatives for fun, Sep 19, 2005
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  2. Staring at negatives for fun


    If you have money, get a checking account that offers a Visa check card.
    The you are in. quit buying that cheap film at the C store or Dollar mart.
    Find BH Photo's website and get some of the good stuff. you'll never go back
    to those other places. Learn words like Provia and Porta and Ektachrome and
    Ilford... There are so many....

    DBLEXPOSURE, Sep 19, 2005
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  3. I don't know but the nearest place to me that sells film is about a 10
    minute walk away, or 5 minutes by bike.
    They might not always have what I want in stock but can order anything on
    the market with a few days (a week at most) leadtime if it's in stock with
    the importer or manufacturer.

    So maybe it's time to move closer to the city center or get yourself a bike
    Jeroen Wenting, Sep 19, 2005

  4. If your not a professional and don't want the cost of these expensive films
    but want the same type of turn out for your photos, use Fiji Superia 100 or
    200 ISO or Fuji Reala. The colors are vibrant and half the price of these
    "brand names". Just because they are brand name films does not mean they are
    the better film. Try these different films out for yourself one roll at a
    time before you waste your money on film you may not like.
    remember to keep your film refrigerated.
    newfysnapshot, Sep 19, 2005
  5. Staring at negatives for fun

    Evan Guest

    You could probably send money to your pay pal account from your bank
    account. From there, I'm sure you could run a search in the paypal shops
    (shops link at the bottom of the paypal site) and locate somewhere that you
    could place an order via paypal.
    Evan, Sep 19, 2005
  6. Staring at negatives for fun


    DBLEXPOSURE, Sep 19, 2005
  7. Staring at negatives for fun


    PayPal does offer a visa that charges against your account...
    DBLEXPOSURE, Sep 19, 2005
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