xd H cards vs the old xd cards

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Graham Evans, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Graham Evans

    Graham Evans Guest

    Some random, real world, information for those looking at the various
    upgrade options for xd cards. Fuji and Olympus now have two new xd card
    formats: xd type M and type H.

    You have to check for compatability with some of the older camera models.

    My fuji 6500fd takes and writes 7 raw shots in 30 seconds with a new 2GB
    xd card type H (focus set onto manual).

    With my old 128MB xd card I can produces 6 raw shots in 35 seconds.

    That's 4.28 seconds verse 5.83 seconds shot to shot.

    A real world comparison like this is a lot more meaningful than knowing
    what the *potential* data rate of the card is. Hopefully this is useful
    for anyone considering upgrades. There are also Type-M xd cards. I
    suspect they come in closer to the 4.28 second mark than the 5.83 but I
    don't have one here to test.

    I ordered my card from a Hong Kong ebay supplier as it was cheap and you
    can't generally buy the xd type-H in Australia yet.

    Graham E
    Graham Evans, Jun 7, 2007
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  2. Graham Evans

    ASAAR Guest

    That's true for you,
    because only because,
    you're stuck in au. :)

    Actually, they've long been available. I have type H cards nearly
    a year old, and type M cards that are two years old.

    Yep. Last year many of the card readers had no problems reading
    Type M xD cards as well as the original, plain old xD cards. But
    most readers were incompatible with the Type H xD cards. They were
    easily spotted since the packages usually had a compatibility list
    printed on them, and only xD and Type M xD were mentioned. Several
    months before the end of 2006 I saw that Sandisk's compatibility
    list finally added Type H xD, and by now finding other Type H
    compatible readers shouldn't be too difficult. Except possibly for
    those living near you! <g>

    Type H cards are supposed to be the fastest. Type M, the slowest.
    When Type M xD cards were introduced, their advantage was greater
    capacity, not speed. If speed is what you're after, even Type H xD
    cards won't give you blazing performance. What you should try to
    take advantage of (at least with Fuji cameras) are the models that
    have dual card slots. Older models use xD and CF, newer models use
    xD and SD. The CF or SD cards should allow the cameras to operate
    more quickly. As you're aware, the S6500fd only uses xD cards, but
    it's very likely that whatever model replaces it will allow the use
    of SD cards.

    BTW, if you need to take a quick sequence of shots but don't need
    more than three, the S6500 may be a little quicker if you use one of
    its burst modes. This from DPReview :

    Since two of the burst modes (I find Final 3 to be most useful)
    fix the focus and exposure, that may be a convenient, somewhat
    quicker alternative to using manual focus to eliminate the focusing
    ASAAR, Jun 7, 2007
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  3. Graham Evans

    Graham Evans Guest

    Thanks for the info. I panicked for a moment as I hadn't tested my new
    card on my card-reader. But the card reader works fine even though the
    packet lists 'XD' with no types mentioned. It is a Transcend M2 card
    reader and cost me a bit so I'm glad it works.

    Thanks for the tips on burst mode - but I've fully explored all of this.
    For my needs I use RAW shots almost exclusively which is not supported in
    Burst. Why RAW is a long story but you'll have to trust me I know why
    I'm doing that. I'm content with 4.23 seconds - for a 16MB raw that's
    not bad going. I would prefer an 8MB raw and 2.15 seconds but you can't
    have it all... unless you build your own digital camera...

    all the best
    Graham Evans, Jun 7, 2007
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