xD Picture Cards and Olympus Panorama

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by M, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. M

    M Guest

    Can anyone explain why the Olympus Panorama only works with the Olympus 1 GB
    xD card and not the 2 GB card or any xD card from any other manufacturer.
    I must be missing something here because I though that these card were just
    digital storage media.
    M, Mar 15, 2007
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  2. M

    cgiorgio Guest

    xD cars contain some normally not accessible system files, just as the now
    obsolete Smart Media cards did. The in camera panorama function is pretty
    useless aniway, so why bother?
    cgiorgio, Mar 15, 2007
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  3. M

    M Guest

    Thanks for your reply. Does the Panorama function work by 'letterboxing'
    the picture as in the days of 35 mm Panorama and there easily done Photoshop
    or similar?
    M, Mar 15, 2007
  4. M

    ASAAR Guest

    As mentioned in another reply, the Olympus cards are slightly
    different. But I'm not sure why a 2GB card wouldn't work if it's
    made by Olympus, since I've seen panorama mode work when using a
    Type M 2GB xD card. I'll admit that it's a bit trickier entering
    panorama mode in the Olympus camera I used, since unlike my Canon
    cameras, the panorama assist isn't selected by the shooting mode
    selector dial, but by entering the camera's menu and searching for
    it. If you don't know that you have to select the Function option
    you might not realize that the camera has a panorama assist ability.
    Another thing that might trip some people up is if they have a dual
    card Olympus camera and forget to switch it from CF to xD.
    ASAAR, Mar 16, 2007
  5. M

    J. Clarke Guest

    The current Photoshop (and Elements) has stitching built in. There are
    several other stitching solutions, Autostitch
    http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~mbrown/mb/mb.html is one that has a free demo.
    For information on a number of others and a great deal more related to
    panoramic stitching try http://www.panoguide.com/.
    J. Clarke, Mar 16, 2007
  6. M

    tomcas Guest

    Is your 2GB card a type H and is it an Olympus brand?


    "As of 2006, Type H cards are only available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and
    2GB capacities (the 2GB type H card is currently only available in
    Japan). Olympus says that its Type H xD cards support special "picture
    effects" when used in some Olympus cameras, though these software
    features are not intrinsically hardware-dependent. This dependence may
    be seen as a weak form of tying."

    "Olympus branded xD cards are the only ones to support Olympus'
    panoramic function. Although they store data identically, this is an
    attempt by Olympus to sell more cards. "
    tomcas, Mar 16, 2007
  7. M

    Just D Guest

    When I found many years ago this feature in my Olympus I tried it
    immediately and found that the image resolution is limited, actually very
    poor and I have no any reason of using it. Instead all images that I made in
    high resilution mode I renewed using Hugin with the best results. Thanks to
    this NG for pointing me to this great app! It also can use external tools
    and pretty nicely configurable. I recommend to try it before returning back
    to the Oly pano mode again :)
    Just D, Mar 17, 2007
  8. M

    Just D Guest

    Maybe Oly fixed somehting, but I always use the highest resolution available
    for the camera. The pano mode was forcing me to switch to the medium
    resolution instead and I refused of using it at all.

    Just D.

    "Steven Wandy"
    Just D, Mar 17, 2007
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