XP setup screen does not fill screen

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Noel8, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Noel8

    Noel8 Guest

    I have a 22'' LCD/vga HDTv MONITOR Each time i have to reinstall XP,
    the setup screen is not centered so I can see ALL buttons that i need
    to press to get to the next function. I spend a lot of time moving the
    mouse in the general area guessing where the arrow or button is. I
    called the tech and the idiot and i use the word loosely, told me go
    to windows and change the resolution...I told him how can i change the
    resolution in windows when its not installed? True once i do get into
    windows then i am able to change resolution and it does fill the
    screen nicely...but its the setup that is the problem. has anyone here
    have similar problems with one of these monitors and able to correct
    that part? Its an excellent monitor otherwise..but rotten support.
    Noel8, Aug 6, 2008
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  2. Noel8

    Smarty Guest

    If your problem(which is often called "overscan") only occurs when
    installing/reinstalling Windows, and not when Windows is running, then your
    only remaining remedies are to use your HDTV monitor's internal menu and
    settings to temporarily adjust your monitor to make these hidden buttons
    appear, and if your monitor has no such range of adjustment, then to replace
    your video card with one which has better support for your specific HDTV. I
    don't believe the XP setup program has any provisions whatsoever to change
    the monitor/overscan settings, and you are thus left with the 2 options I
    have mentioned.

    You might, for example, try going through your HDTV settings to see if your
    menus allow to change the "Size", the "Centering", the "Height" of your
    display. Any of these should allow you to temporarily move the image to see
    things at the edges which would otherwise be in the invisible overscanned
    area at the edge of the display.

    Consult your HDTV owner's manual or web site to get a good understanding of
    what your menu options are.

    Good luck,

    Smarty, Aug 6, 2008
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  3. Noel8

    Noel8 Guest

    HI, thanks...yes my manual has 2 functions, called P-Mode, P-Size, but
    i believe its limited to the TV and not the VGa MODE. Although why 2 I
    don't know. They make the typical changes one wants viewing TV...4-3,
    normal,zoom. I am not able to get to that menu in the VGA mode,
    unfortunately..at least not that i am aware of...As you can see by my
    OG post, the results i got from the Vendor's tech support, its
    Again Video card with HDTV seems limiting itself to the TV mode. Even
    when I do get to my Windows XP screen its not completely centered, the
    one with the moving ribbon as its loading windows...but thereafter the
    XP views are normal. There is another function called P-Size and its
    function says
    Noel8, Aug 6, 2008
  4. Noel8

    Noel8 Guest

    Noel8, Aug 6, 2008
  5. Noel8

    Smarty Guest

    The end of your previous reply was missing, and the last part of your
    message is incomplete "There is another function called P-Size and its
    function say". I am not quite sure what you intended to say.

    I would go through the menus while using the computer input mode and see
    which menu items actually do work. If one of them allows you to re-center,
    shrink, or shift the display to temporarily expose the overscanned area,
    this is the menu you will need to set before doing another XP reinstall. If
    you are completely convinced that your monitor will not allow such changes
    when in the computer/VGA mode, then your only remaining choice is to replace
    your video card, since there is no way to modify the Windows XP installer

    There is a very remote possibility that your HDTV as well as your present
    video card may have yet another form of connection to temporarily hook up
    your HDTV to your computer in a low resolution manner. This would be easily
    determined by examining the connectors on your video card at the back of
    your computer to see if there is a "Video Out", "S Video Out" or some other
    connection method. If there is, then you might consider connecting your TV
    to your computer temporarily to this port when reinstalling XP since it may
    not have overscan issues.

    Smarty, Aug 6, 2008
  6. Noel8

    Noel8 Guest

    HI Smarty, sorry about that ...I did find a way in setup...to move the
    screen vertically and horizontally. I thought that the menu only
    applied to the TV section. Thank for your interest.:)
    Noel8, Aug 6, 2008
  7. Noel8

    Smarty Guest

    Gino's suggestion is a very good one I failed to consider, and in fact have
    used such an approach once myself !! Glad to hear that you found the menu
    control Noel, and yhou should now be able to move your display around during
    or before boot time of the XP installer to see the whole screen.

    Smarty, Aug 6, 2008
  8. Noel8

    Noel8 Guest

    Yes, I thought of that to about an older monitor...But Not everyone
    has one in their attic or basement.:)
    Noel8, Aug 6, 2008
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