Yellow strip on a scanjet 5100c

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by James, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. James

    James Guest

    Hello all,

    I am having the same problem this fellow had with an HP 5100c Scanjet:

    Dear all,
    I've got a 5100C scanjet which has not been given a lot of use
    latelly. Everytime i've try to scan something a top-to-bottom yellow
    strip appears (over the place where the "rubber chain" handles). The
    glass is clean and i cannot imagine what might be the cause... do you
    think the sensor?/bulb-head? might be dirty and this can be easily
    solved with a simple clean inside?
    Can any one help me out?
    Kind regards,

    This was on an HP business discussion board, but it is a cached page I
    found with Google. There was no reply. Has anyone had this problem
    and found a solution? It's really driving me nuts having to clean up
    scans with Photoshop because of it.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    James, Apr 21, 2004
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  2. Almost certainly this:

    Mac McDougald, Apr 21, 2004
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  3. James

    James Guest

    James, Apr 22, 2004
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