Yet another canon lens question

Discussion in 'Canon' started by CARBUFF, Aug 31, 2003.


    CARBUFF Guest

    Ok, so Ive got it down that the kit lens for my eos 300 is the source of my
    displeasure, lack of sharpness. Now the lense to get seems to be the 28-105 f
    3.5 4.5

    Thanks to all who suggested. This is just a tad bit over my budget at the
    moment, but Ive come across this.

    Is this a good lens too? It has the same aperture ratings. Is it just an older
    model that may be a bit louder and slower focusing? Will it deliver the same
    optical quality as the other one? There were actually 2 of these listed this
    morning. The other one was listed with no marks on it. This particular one
    might not be a good buy because of the marks on the lens listed but Im sure
    another will come along. Can anyone recommend this or give it a thumbs down?

    CARBUFF, Aug 31, 2003
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    Lisa Horton Guest

    IIRC, this lens is the predecessor to the recommended 28-105. Again
    IIRC, it was similarly well regarded in it's day, although that was
    before I switched to AF.

    Personally, I'd suggest considering waiting until you can find a used
    28-105. The missing focal length between 28 and 35 can be very useful.

    You might do a Google groups search in to
    see if anyone has offered one up for sale in the last month or two. KEH
    at is an excellent used dealer, they don't have one
    now but certainly will eventually.

    If you think you may get a digital SLR in the future, the Canon 24-85
    deserves mention. Although I don't think it's as well rated as the
    28-105 (barely), it's a very useful length with Canon consumer DSLR's.

    Lisa Horton, Sep 1, 2003
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    CARBUFF Guest

    IIRC, this lens is the predecessor to the recommended 28-105. Again
    Thanks Lisa for all the help. Ive picked up a 35-105 3.5 4.5 off ebay for $75.
    Sadly someone will probably pay nearly that for my old zoom because its a newer
    model. I will keep it for a while to compare to see if the af is any slower. Im
    kinda used to the slow af on my canon a-10 digital so I dont think it will
    bother me too much. I figure I can always get my money back on it if b&h sells
    it used for $100 on a regular basis. Thanks again for all your help.

    CARBUFF, Sep 1, 2003

    Lisa Horton Guest

    You're quite welcome George, and I'm certain that you will be more
    satisfied with your new lens than with the kit lens. If this is your
    first real USM lens, be prepared to be spoiled for life :)

    Lisa Horton, Sep 1, 2003
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