Yet another question about sports shooting

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Travis Newbury, May 10, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    First let me suck up and say what a great help this group has been so

    I purchased a Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III EF Lens for my Canon Rebel XT.
    First question. I am assuming the f/4-5.6 is the largest aperture
    setting I can use with the lens. 4 at 75mm and 5.6 at 300mm? Is this
    assumption correct?

    Second, I was at my daughters cheerleading gym trying to take some
    "sports" pictures. I had thought that the gym lighting would have been
    enough, but apparently not. Using shutter speeds between 1/300 and
    1/500 to try to stop the motion,(with the above lens) I was getting
    very under exposed images.

    Through trial and error I will eventually find the right combination of
    zoom, light, aperture and shutter speed. But is there a guide that
    will give me a general idea of some of the settings one might use in
    different situations?

    Travis Newbury, May 10, 2005
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  2. Travis Newbury

    Guest Guest

    push the ISO
    Guest, May 10, 2005
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  3. Travis Newbury

    Mike McCall Guest

    You beat me to the punch! I can take great shots in the New Orleans Arena
    by increasing the iso on my Rebel
    Mike McCall, May 10, 2005
  4. Travis Newbury

    Mike Kohary Guest

    Having done this very thing myself for a gymnastics class, you are correct.
    You'll get an idea through experience. You found out already that f/4 isn't
    enough. Trying raising the ISO (you'll find that f/4 at 800 ISO in a gym is
    still not quite enough, but almost), and reduce the shutter speed even more
    (f/4 at 800ISO and 1/100 will just barely get you there in a gym. But best
    is if your camera can do ISO 1600 without too much noise (such as the Canon
    20D can). That will give you a lot more latitude. So, ideal camera
    settings for a gym, based on my own experience: ISO 1600 and f/4 will give
    you a shutter speed range of roughly 1/100 to 1/300 to work within.)
    Mike Kohary, May 10, 2005
  5. If you are able to use a flash it can help as a fill after you have pushed
    up the ISO. If you are serious about doing Sports photos inside and are not
    able to use flash you need to get 2.8 glass. Sigma makes a great lens that
    is 70-200 f2.8 that is not very expensive but would be great for your

    here is an example what you can get using 2.8 lenses.

    photo is Las Vegas Wranglers hockey game held at New Orleans Arena.

    Camera.............Canon 20D
    Lens..................Sigma 120-300mm f2.8
    shutter speed.....1/350
    EagleEyePhotography, May 11, 2005
  6. Thanks, the majority of the photos will be of my daughters and their
    competition teams. So mostly for fun. I will be getting some other
    lenses and a lens like the sigma will be on my list.

    I have had several epiphanys over the last few days and will be taking
    some more pictures at the gym on Thursday. I will post a few of them.
    Travis Newbury, May 11, 2005
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