Yet another "stolen" photo

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Eric Miller, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Eric Miller

    Paul Furman Guest

    I posted some crops to make a point in a usenet argument we had.
    No story here.
    Paul Furman, Jun 23, 2009
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  2. Eric Miller

    Paul Furman Guest

    Wow, I just updated Thunderbird - that sure made a mess of the formatting!
    Paul Furman, Jun 23, 2009
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  3. Eric Miller

    Pete D Guest

    I thought your post was a joke but I did the search and here is the first
    link, holy crap.
    Pete D, Jun 23, 2009
  4. Eric Miller

    ribbit Guest

    Yep... That's the one Pete.
    Helen posted a link to a picture that looked oddly like you sucking
    another man's penis in a school dormitory. Not Atheist Chaplain you were
    working on was it?

    Bret Douglas (annika1980) whilst practising his Photoslop skills
    (leaving his trail in the image as he always does) pasted his porn photo
    of men having sex over a sailing ship picture of mine I used to
    demonstrate the vacuum mounting press we used then to mount my 120CM
    wide enlargements... You remember those? Mark whats-his-name- kept
    saying I couldn't make them?
    This one's only a baby, like the kids were back then. You'd hardly thing
    they are all grown up now.

    In my world Pete, what you jackass's are doing, Google call "quality
    inbound links" and makes one of my web sites rank #2 on the most popular
    search phrase I need to stay on top of the heap of wannabe wedding
    photographers in Brisbane.

    Try it mate and then tell me who the brainless idiots are who thnk they
    are harming me. You'd do better if you tried but you never do, do you?
    Don't forget to count the idiot in the mirror! ROTF. I could tell you
    some stuff, Pete... But I'll save it for another time.

    Enjoy your student allowance Peter, That rattling sound you hear when
    you walk is not money in your pocket... it's probably just frozen nuts!
    Canberra being what it is!
    ribbit, Jun 24, 2009
  5. Eric Miller

    Pete D Guest

    Thanks for that Ron.

    Keep up the good work.

    Pete D, Jun 24, 2009
  6. Eric Miller

    ribbit Guest

    Yeah... There's about 15 D-Mac's posting here. 14 of the m are drunks.

    Only the intelligent and mindful posts - the ones showing understanding
    and compassion for those poor pathetic individuals who jealously steal
    his photos and identity in the hope of passing themselves off as real
    photographers are actually from him...

    I know the man personally. Not only is he an expert sailor, generous to
    a "T" and good looking, he also has an immense understanding of the
    peons here who think he's a bit odd... That's probably because he is.

    Who was it said the line between insanity and genius was less than the
    width of a human hair? Which side will he be on today!

    Oh wait.

    Am I him today?
    Maybe it is not me who is he but he who is me?

    Should I be aggressive or placid?

    Bugger! I forget.
    Help me Noons.
    It is you out there isn't it?
    ribbit, Jun 25, 2009
  7. Eric Miller

    Noons Guest

    ribbit wrote,on my timestamp of 26/06/2009 5:43 AM:
    Are they? You can smell alcohol in posts?

    I don't know him personally, but I can see when his posts are completely
    inconsistent with prior ones, on a number of subjects.
    When I check, I see a different IP address on such. That to me says:
    it's not him but the fuckwit from ACT trying to pass for him.

    For the record: he doesn't know enough about networking to steal an IP address.
    Capice? It's not an easy operation to do without access to hardware and
    dns/dhcp/proxy servers he plainly doesn't have.
    It's that inconsistency that tells me there are one or more people here posting
    as him.

    I also know he was sick a few months ago and incapacitated from posting.
    Nevertheless, we still got the usual stream of posts and the consequent idiotic
    "bytes".Some people here should actually think twice before going off on
    tangents to "his" posts.
    Who knows? Are you a qualified psychiatrist to categorically state one or the
    other? If so, prove it.
    On second thought: don't bother. Anyone posting from your newserver is upfront
    labeled as another of the ex-IBM trolls that frequent that place. And the fake
    "professors" who follow them.

    To be or not to be,
    that is usually the question.
    No. I'm just another instance of myself. I got that way when I started to use
    C++ and found out that was me over there.
    Noons, Jun 26, 2009
  8. Eric Miller

    ribbit Guest

    Just to clear "the record" up (it really is me now).
    (For those who think I'm the instigator of all the crap flying around
    these groups)...

    My IP address is permanent - has been for several years after I bought a
    fixed line to run my own mail server and be sure my clients were not
    getting hijacked at the door after Bret Douglas began impersonating me
    to set up sites using my name and published 'doctored' images of mine
    he'd stolen from my (then) Goddady hosted web site.

    As soon as he found out I was spending real money to 'look' at him, I
    stopped getting Messages like:
    "Fill in the appropriate fields to reset your password and click Submit.
    You will then be able to access your account.
    If you did not forget your password, please ignore this email.
    This request was made from: IP address:"
    That one took just a few moments to discover Bret Douglas had been
    trying illegally for many weeks to gain access to my E-bay seller account. is a Bell south IP address assigned to an ADSL service in
    Chattanooga, Tennessee USA. where Bret Douglas (also know as Bret Hogan)
    was recorded as living.

    That last part cost me $600 to get a lawyer to nudge AOL into coughing
    up the identity of the thieving son-of-a-bitch.

    Much to the disappointment of a few and the joy of many, I survived 6
    hours of surgery on my back. I have a few issues with metal detectors
    now but at least they don't have to wheel me through the airport any more!

    If the Son of a bitch calling himself Annika1980 has any skills at all,
    it's deflecting the scorn and ridicule he so richly deserves. Nothing
    new in trying to make your victim look as if they are the dodgy one.
    I guess whoever taught him to read is the one we ought to feel sorry for.

    Whoever it is in Australia that is impersonating me in these groups, has
    one trait common with Annink1980. Neither of them will spend a cent if
    they can use a free resource. They have other things in common too.

    Getting Mail2news servers shut down is a dead set waste of money. They
    are like weeds. Pull one out and 2 more pop up in their place. Been
    there, done that stuff. Restraining orders only work when the person you
    take one out against actually exists!

    Eventually Jeff Ralph and the idiot calling himself "PeterD" who think
    they are just so smart ...will trip up and then we'll get to see how
    fancy their footwork really is. They may well have an adversity to
    spending money but I don't. Particularly if it is going to bring them to

    In the mean time, you can all be pretty sure if the header shows the
    Berlin university as my news server, despite the name change, the post
    is probably genuinely from me if... ROTFL.
    ribbit, Jun 27, 2009
  9. Eric Miller

    Jeff R. Guest

    "To task" for what Doug?

    You have my snailmail address. Use it you need to contact me.

    In the meantime:

    Ahhh... that link.
    It asks for so little, yet gives so much.

    What happened to your last 'nym, Doug?
    Someone explain it to you?

    Jeff R., Jun 27, 2009
  10. Eric Miller

    Pete D Guest

    Quite seriously Dog, if you had a brain you would be dangerous.
    Pete D, Jul 1, 2009
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