Yikes! Placed photo prints bad

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by stooftheoof, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. stooftheoof

    stooftheoof Guest

    I've tried everything with no success. Can someone help me get my
    resized photo into Illustrator? So that it's clean and clear?

    1. I take an untouched jpeg photo of about 2,300 x 1700 pixels and open
    in Photoshop.

    2. I lasso a section about 900 x 1600 pixels and paste it into a new
    image with transparent background.

    3. I try every possible resizing/resampling combination, trying to turn
    this into a small, approximately 2 x 3 inch image that I can put into
    an existing Illustrator document and print.

    After I place it into the Illustrator document, it looks great on the
    screen, but prints fuzzy with artifacts (although the rest of the
    Illustrator document prints great).

    Question: what settings can be used to resize this photo so that it
    will print clearly when placed into Illustrator? Or is my problem
    something completely different...

    stooftheoof, Oct 14, 2005
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  2. stooftheoof

    Greg N. Guest

    I don't know Illustrator, but I think the solution is

    either put the large original picture into Illustrator, and then size it
    down within illustrator.

    or make the illustrator picture so big tat it can accomodate the photo
    at full size, and then size the whole thing down when you print
    Greg N., Oct 14, 2005
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  3. stooftheoof

    tacit Guest

    This is unnecessary. Make your lasso selection, open the Layers palette,
    double-click the background layer to turn it into a regular layer, then
    click the Add Layer Mask button on the bottom of the layers palette.

    Generally speaking, in Photoshop, for anything you can imagine doing
    that uses copy/paste, there is a better and easier way to do it. The
    only thing you should ever use copy/paste for is copying from another
    program and pasting in Photoshop, or copying in Photoshop and pasting in
    another program.
    When you make the image 2x3 inches, turn resampling OFF, or else you are
    throwing away pixels. When you resize to 2x3 inches, what resolution is
    the image?
    You are placing the image in Illustrator as what kind of file? How are
    you saving it? TIFF? EPS?
    It sounds like you may be saving the image as a JPEG or EPS.

    JPEG uses "lossy" compression. It degrades the quality of the image. It
    was invented for situations where file size is critically important and
    image quality is not important. It should never be used unless you have
    a clear and specific reason why it has to be JPEG and no other file
    format will work.

    If you are using EPS, you can not print the image on a non-PostScript
    printer. EPS stands for "encapsulated PostScript." It is a PostScript
    object and won't print on a non-PostScript printer; all you'll get is
    the low-res thumbnail.

    I suggest using TIFF format.
    tacit, Oct 14, 2005
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