Your help required please.

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Tim Duke, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Tim Duke

    Tim Duke Guest

    Hi guys,

    Do any of you know of Kevin at based in LA. Was just
    wondering if he is legit or not.

    All the best,

    Tim Duke, Oct 9, 2005
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  2. If you mean Kevin Soprano then I can vouch for him.
    Vito (The Chin) Giancano
    Con Sohlayshen, Oct 9, 2005
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  3. Tim Duke

    Robert Brace Guest

    I have purchased from Kevin Li (Kevin Cameras) with excellent results.
    Robert Brace, Oct 10, 2005
  4. Tim Duke

    Tim Duke Guest

    Thanks Bob.
    Tim Duke, Oct 10, 2005
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