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    1. Photography Chat

      Photography Chat

      General discussion about cameras and photography, if your thread doesn't fit in to one of the categories below.
      Latest: Panasonic FZ82 Shutter Count Parsley, Nov 19, 2022
    2. Photography Beginners

      Photography Beginners

      New to photography? This is the place to check in and get some advice.
      Latest: Duplicate Image advice, s'il vous plait WaltK, Feb 21, 2021
    3. Photography Equipment

      Photography Equipment

      Discussion for Lenses, tripods and other photographic equipment.
    4. Lighting and Technique

      Lighting and Technique

      Share and discuss lighting tips and photography techniques.
      Latest: Suggestions Philip, Oct 21, 2014
    5. Software, Image Editing and Retouching

      Software, Image Editing and Retouching

      This is the place to talk about post processing of your images using tools such as Photoshop.
      Latest: sgray? how to fix? madum_tv, Nov 17, 2021
    6. Photography Critique and Galleries

      Photography Critique and Galleries

      Post your images and galleries in here for constructive comments and advice from other photographers.
      Latest: Skater Girl Samantha "Mari" Harris, Jul 19, 2018
    1. Introductions


      If you are new to the site, please feel free to introduce yourself to the other members in here. You'll get a warm welcome!
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    2. Off-Topic Chat

      Off-Topic Chat

      Pull up a chair and relax in the off-topic section, for all non-photography chat.
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    3. Announcements / Suggestions / Feedback

      Announcements / Suggestions / Feedback

      Important news regarding the forums will be made in here. You can also let us know your thoughts and ideas in this section.
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    4. Olympus
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    5. Nikon
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    6. Panasonic Lumix
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    8. Ricoh
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